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If we were the government and wanted to make large money, we would just print it. Unfortunately, we have to do it the hard way. We have to work for it. There are several ways to make large amounts of money on the internet. Some of the ways are just jobs. You get paid for what you do. Other ways can make you large amounts of money without extra work and without your presence.

The purpose of this site called "Make Large Money" has two goals. The first is to make large money for me. The second is help others make money. If you have a website or blog, the way you make money is to have traffic. To get traffic, your site or blog has to be reconized by search engines. When your site is investigated by search engines it determines the importance of your site by how keywords are used and which keywords are used. To make money your website has to be at the top of the search result list of effective keywords. Effective keywords are words numerous people search for but have little or no competition.You can see tips and instructions for using Google's Keyword Tool to find effective keywords on the Keyword Page.

Search users generally do not go beyond the third page of a result list. To generate traffic you site has to be on those first few pages. To Make large amounts of money your site has to be on the top of the first page. The more visitors the more money you can make.

The process of tweaking your site to be at the top of a search result page is referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. You can find tweaks and tactics to raise your web site visibility in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Page.

Some of the ways to make money on the internet are:

This web site will explain what is involved for each job type listed above and which ones can make a large amount of money. There is also a page on Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) to increase traffic to your blogs and websites.

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